6 Questions You Should Ask a Construction Lawyer

Questions You Should Ask a Construction Lawyer

Owning a construction business comes with disputes with another entity. In quite a few scenarios, the only way to resolve it is by hiring a business lawyer such as Wallin Hester, PLC who practices construction litigation. They will be able to speak on your behalf on the legal matter. You are planning to hire a construction lawyer, but are in a dilemma: What to ask to ensure he or she is the one I should go for?

Q.1: How Much Experience Do You Have?

As we say, experience matters. Construction law involves discrete work, from resolving disputes, and legal actions between the parties you are dealing with to setting up contracts between employees and others. Hence, when you hire, you want to ensure they have experience and expertise in all these areas. Ask them if they have experience in all these areas.

Q.2: What is Your Payment Structure?

Ask how your attorney wants to get paid. Is it on an hourly basis or contingent? Talk about this early so that there is no confusion later on.

Q.3: What Amount will I Incur to Redress my Case?

Copies, transcripts, expert witnesses, and scanning come with certain costs. Ask your lawyer for a clear picture of these costs along with the fees. Talk to your attorney about the amount that comes with prosecuting your case.

Q.4: Do You Have a Good Track Record?

Ask about the previous cases and their outcome and how many he won. A successful construction attorney will be able to present the previous success they had in litigation.

Q.5: Do You Have Insurance for Malpractices

It is perhaps an important question to ask. What if anything goes wrong with your case, all because of the lawyer’s fault, who is going to pay? If there is no malpractice insurance, it will be difficult to get back the recovery.

Q.6: What Details will be included in my Invoice?

An invoice given by a lawyer can be difficult to understand. You can ask for the format and the details to be included. It can include:

  • The details of the case performed
  • The cost of the performed task
  • Time spend and more


Remember, not all construction lawyers have relevant experience. Hence, do research from your end before hiring. The above-listed questions will help to make sure that you hire the right one.

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